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"Dikes are Safe at Present": The 1948 Columbia River Flood and the Destruction of Vanport

Take a journey along the Columbia from The Dalles to Puget Island. It is late spring 1948 and it has been unusually wet this year, even for Oregon, but now it's warming up and today looks like it's going to be especially nice. Certainly several other communities along the river have flooded, but the Housing Authority has just assured Vanport City that they are on top of the situation. The dikes are safe. The situation is under control, so relax and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend...

This exhibit contains over 100 (re)discovered Columbia River flood photos from around western Oregon and examines the city it destroyed and the university that grew out of it. The exhibit highlights several rarely-seen photographs, documents, and ephemera.

From the University Archives: the Vanport Extension Center, 1946-48

The University Archives at the Portland State University Library is home to the historical records documenting Portland State's beginning as the Vanport Extension Center (VEC). In the spring of 2010, Dr. Bill Lang's public history seminar drew upon these records to curate and design a digital exhibit highlighting life on the Vanport campus from its inception in 1946 to its devastation in the flood of 1948. The following exhibit is based upon their work.

Highlights from the Gates Collection of African American History and Culture

Over the course of three decades, Jeanette and Osly Gates assembled a collection of original letters, newspapers, periodicals and ephemera documenting African-American history and culture. In 1969, they donated their collection to the Portland State University Library to coincide with the establishment of the Black Studies Academic Program. This Special Collections exhibit features items from the Gates Collection that capture moments in a two hundred year struggle for civil rights that redefined our nation.

Of Place and Memory: The Yizkor Book as a Window into a World Destroyed

"Of Place and Memory: The Yizkor Book as a Window into a World Destroyed" is the digital edition of the Portland State University Library's 2011 exhibit featuring selections from its Yizkor collection. Curated by Judaic Studies Professor Natan Meir, "Of Place and Memory" explores the Yizkor or memorial book, a literary genre dedicated to remembering and memorializing Jewish communities destroyed in the Holocaust. The University Library's Special Collections is the steward of 136 original Yizkor books, the largest collection of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

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