Say We Are Here: Selections from the Verdell A. Burdine and Otto G. Rutherford Family Collection

Fraternal Organizations

Otto G. Rutherford, Past Exalted Ruler, Billy Webb Lodge #1050

Otto G. Rutherford, Past Exalted Ruler, IBPOE Billy Webb Lodge #1050.

Otto Rutherford's Elks fez

Fez for members of Billy Webb Lodge #1050.

IBPOE member pin and ribbon

Member pin and ribbon for the Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (IBPOE).

This pin was worn by Otto Rutherford. Notice image of clock set to 11:00.  The hour was traditionally set during meetings as a commemorative moment to acknowledge anniversaries or other important dates during Elks’ meetings and gatherings.

Elks lecture book cover

Elks Lecture Book I.B.P.O.E., 1949.

To enter and move up the ranks (or “degrees”) of the Elks required study. Members read various texts, listened to lectures, and mastered history lessons in order to gain the knowledge and competency to lead their fellows. Elks tested and examined each other and in this way, the order offered educational and self-improvement opportunities.

Masons group photograph

Photograph, Meeting of the Golden State Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star, Portland, Oregon, 1937.

Yearly Masonic conventions were held throughout the Pacific Northwest, and Masons travelled extensively, welcoming, meeting and celebrating other brethren and the opening of additional lodges.   Conventions were also a time to combine resources and create connections and community networks for political purposes.

Letter on Masonic letterhead

Letter from T.A. Harris, Grand Master, Most Worshipful Sovereign Grand Lodge, to George Kenny of Excelsior Lodge #23, January 24, 1917.

Portland’s Excelsior Lodge #23 was charted under what is now known as the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California.  Harris is responding to Kenny’s inquiries on the local lodge’s procedures and plans by placing them in the context of national practice.

Masonic Apron

Otto Rutherford's Past Master Grand Lodge Mason apron.

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