From the University Archives: the Vanport Extension Center, 1946-48

The Vet's Extended & the Vanguard

Don Carlo, editor of <em>Vet's Extended</em> newspaper

Don Carlo in 1947

Don Carlo, a blind veteran, served as the first editor of the student newspaper, Vet's Extended.  His associate was John Sandvig, and Frank Roberts, the head of the English department, was faculty adviser.

<em>Vet's Extended</em>

Front page of the Vet's Extended in 1946

"On November 15, 1946, the first issue of the weekly paper was printed under the temporary title, Vet's Extended.  With the beginning of the winter term, the name was changed to Vanguard -- a suggestion from Vaughn Albertson of the English department."

Vanguard staff, 1947

The Vanguard staff in 1947

"On April 1, 1947, Tom Heckard, the only remaining member of the founding staff, became editor. ... Bill Hawes held the position of advertising and business manager until February, 1947, [and] was succeeded by Ken Farnsworth and James Pratt who filled the positions of advertising manager and business manager, respectively.

"Due to the heavy class schedules on the part of most Vanport students, the newspaper was continually facing the problem of maintaining a complete staff.  In spite of such handicaps, however, the Vanguard continued to make its appearance every week."  [From the 1946-47 Viking]

Bill Pilling, editor of the <em>Vanguard</em>, fall 1947<br />

"Bill Pilling, fall editor, working to beat the deadline..."

"Beset by labor shortage, cramped for news space, and besieged by publicity hounds, the paper was occasionally sparked by rare glimpses of literary genius and was fortunate in having on its staff writers who could leaven the lump of last week's news, which had a deplorable talent for becoming common knowledge before reaching the presses."  [From the 1947-48 Viking]

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