Black United Front Oral History Project

Charlotte Rutherford: Activism

Excerpt from interview. "But I definitely could be inspirational."

In this clip, Rutherford describes the impact of the 1960s Black Power movement on young activists like herself.

Charlotte Rutherford megaphone picture

Upper photo: George Allen participating in a march in response to Portland Police shooting of four young black men.

Lower photo: Charlotte Rutherford speaks to a crowd at the same event. 

Oregonian article on Blackfashion

Charlotte and her husband, Kenneth Jones, owned an Afrocentric boutique on Union Blvd.

Charlotte Rutherford "Black on Black" article

In the 1970s, Charlotte attended Portland State University, where she was involved in launching the Black Studies newsletter, Ujima, and the "Black on Black" radio and television program. She was also a founding member of the Black Justice Committee, which was formed in response to Portland Police shootings of young black men. 

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